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Exotic wood wholesale

Curlybirchwood is an Estonian local family business that also provides exotic wood wholesale. We are the owners of a curly birch plantation and members of Estonian curly birch society. The curiosity and need to find a market for our first thinned out trees led us to the establishment of CBWOOD OY. Our company is the first and for now the only one which is processing and trading Curly birch wood in Estonia.

Currently we process and sell mainly our own plantation’s wood. In cases of large demand or customized needs, we can find needed solutions in a collaboration with more than 100 plantation-owners and craftsmen all around Estonia. Our unique advantage is also a cooperation with local universities to find the innovative ways of processing curly birch wood.  All this gives us opportunity to provide and manufacture the wood according to our B2B customer’s needs. 

As we have a very good accessibility to curly birch wood resources, we are able to provide very large range of different curly birch wood. The selection of curly birch wood starts from growing curly birch trees and raw logs to turning them into veneer. We also provide processed wood such as dried and stabilized wood for companies producing knives and knife handles. All curly birch wood and products of curly birch visible in our B2C shop are available in needed quantities for B2B exotic wood wholesale.

Please contact us directly and we will do our best to find suitable customized solutions for your business.

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wholesale wood
wholesale wood
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