Stabilized and dyed Masur birch wood. Shannons personal listing


Stabilized and dyed Karelian masur birch blocks. Come sanded but not fully polished.


Red mixed with black (3block no3): 28x39x150mm; 1.1×1.53×5.9 inches

Golden mixed with dark purple: 28x48x150mm; 1.1×1.89×5.9 inches

Bright blue: 30x30x151mm; 1.18×1.18×5.94 inches

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Premium grade patterned Karelian masur birch wood. Stabilized and dyed in a professional grade. This block is ideal for crafting exquisite knife handles or wooden jewelry. This versatile wood  is also ideal for creating a unique jewelry box, especially suitable for a proposal ring. Wood is  stabilized using Turntex cactus-juice based resin, ensuring durability and enhanced beauty.

Key Features:

  • Material: Stabilized and dyed Karelian masur birch
  • Ideal for: knife handles, wooden jewelry, proposal ring boxes

Photographs  show all sides of the block, ensuring you know exactly what you are purchasing. The block you see in the photos is the exact one you will receive. Elevate your craft with this beautifully patterned and professionally prepared wood block, a true blend of natural beauty and artistic enhancement.

Weight 850 g
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